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VeriCardSys group is your comprehensive One–Stop–Shop for all your card needs. We manufacture high quality plastic cards – PVC and PETG. We also offer an extensive range of card personalization services. We supply card terminals, smart card readers and card printers. We have loyalty management systems, gift card programs and MyKad based applications to suit your needs. Ask us about our latest mobile applications and card-based security solutions. Find out more of what our solutions can do for your business.

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PVC & ID Card

We offer a wide range of PVC and high quality plastic cards - magnetic stripe cards, photo ID cards, credit cards, contact and contactless smart cards.

Loyalty Management System

Easy to use; Proven loyalty management system develop established relationship with customers. Start rewarding your customers today as they do business with you!

Prepaid & Gift Card Program

Improve your cashflow and increase loyalty of your customers with a prepaid card program.

Looking for Card Terminal or Card Reader Service?

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We offer a variety of card terminals and card readers, designed to perform multiple functions. Call us today for more information.

Card Printer

Industrial & Compact

Print and encode PVC cards, create own ID, membership and loyalty cards. We have a wide range of PVC card printers for every budget and application.

lms phone

Be part of the Green Revolution! PointzMatter Mobile App is a card-less loyalty management program and more.

Key features of PointzMatter are:

Environmentally friendly – no more issuance of plastic cards
Easy to manage – intuitive to use for end-users and easy to administer for program managers
Flexible – can cater to most industries
Ready to deploy – start a loyalty program in hours
Affordable – cheapest program on the market



Take a look at the cards he keeps with him. You might find a library card, a business card, a gym membership, a company ID. Each day, he chooses to take these cards with him, wherever he goes. He uses them for everything. They tell the world who he is, what he does, what he enjoys, what his hobbies are. They are his indispensable tools; they are his irreplaceable objects. At VeriCardSys, we know how important cards are to people. That’s why we treat cards with the same care that you do.

Since 1988, we have produced cards for every application, using durable materials and high-precision machinery to ensure the highest possible quality. We also design powerful software that allows you to manage and protect those cards like never before. So take a moment to look at our products and services. You’ll find that cards are very important to us, as they are to you.



Card solutions that can help your business grow.

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Flexible services that give you options in delivering business solutions.

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Card reader

Card Reader

Wide range of readers for all your card data capturing requirements.

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