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Everything You Need To Know About NFC Business Card

01. Embedded NFC Chips

NFC digital business cards are the digital evolution of traditional paper business cards

These innovative cards are embedded with NFC chips, allowing them to exchange contact with a simple tap

02. Benefits of NFC Cards

Impress and Stand Out: NFC cards demonstrate innovation

Eco-Friendly: NFC digital business cards are environmentally friendly

Real-Time Updates: Keep your contact information up-to-date

Multimedia Integration: Share more than just your phone number. Include links to your website & LinkedIn profile

03. How it works?

Information Input: You create a digital business card with your contact information using a specialized app or service

NFC Tag Encoding: The app or service typically encodes this information onto an NFC cards

Data Transfer: Your device transmits the contact information stored on the NFC tag to the recipient’s device


– NFC Card Printing
– URL Encoding
– 15 FREE Design Template

Premium Package

– NFC Card Printing
– URL Encoding
– 15 FREE Design Template
– Linktree Digital Profile

How To Order

NFC Digital Business Card?

01. Choose Your Package

If you don’t have your own URL, you can always take Premium Package as we can create your digital profile using Linktree.

You can contact our salesperson via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok Chat.

02. Choose The Template

Please choose any one of the 15 FREE templates provided. If you have your own design please provide us the file.

Please note that the design will remain unchanged, except for information, QR code and logo

03. Provide Details

For the card: give us details as you see on the template you choose.

For Linktree: give us any details you wish to mention in your digital profile/bio-link.


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