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Software Hosting as a Service

software hosting services

Focus on your business, allow us to handle your loyalty program needs.

Most organisations realise that their main proficiencies are something other than running IT systems. Outsourcing to CardSys as an Application Service Provider (ASP) allows our clients to focus on their company's primary competencies, freeing up the internal staff from working on these areas.
One of the benefits from outsourcing to CardSys is that costs are fixed (monthly or yearly subscription) and can be planned easily throughout the year. This makes it simpler for the budget, requires a lower up-front investment, and saves on investment in expensive software.
Prices vary depending on the type of software, justification options, number of users, and the length of the contract. The license cost and ongoing maintenance and connectivity costs are part of the yearly fee.

Software supplied by us

  • Loyalty Management Systems
  • Prepaid/Gift Card Programs
  • MyKad Applications
  • Personalised Picture Card Systems
  • Mobile Applications
  • Card-based Security Solutions

Subscribers only need to have Internet access. They no longer have to worry about the problem of regularly up-grading the hardware or operating systems and database systems. They are guaranteed the latest working versions of our software.

Hardware supplied by us

  • Application Server
  • Web Server
  • Database & Mail Server & Firewall

The CardSys team takes care of installation, maintenance and upgrading of the software and associated hardware.